My name is Nga Than. Originally, I am from Vietnam, and currently a doctoral student in Sociology at the Graduate Center – City University of New York. My research interests lie at the intersection of immigration, globalization, race and ethnicity, and increasingly I have become interested in studying startups, organizations, and how individuals become entrepreneurs.

Traveling cross the Atlantic Ocean for research and writing is my favorite part of my Ph.D. life. I find that I am very privileged to be able to do study with scholars from both sides of the Atlantic. Currently I am developing my PhD dissertation research project, and I will update this page as the project is taking its shape.

Other than reading, researching and writing, I teach two courses at City College of New York. One is Globalization, and the other is Urban Policy and Politics. I enjoy teaching both of these courses, and I have to admit that City College students are among the most intelligent, diverse, hardworking college students that I have worked with in my life. I am very proud to be a part of this institution.

Outside of academia, I run at Central Park, and my goal this year (2020) is to participate in the New York Marathon in November. In my free time, I also learn foreign languages. Other than my native language (Vietnamese), and English, I speak German, Chinese, and currently I am learning Hindi via movies, online apps, and songs. My goal this year is simply acquiring more Hindi vocabulary.

This blog is a space where I document my lived experience, share some thoughts on social issues, problems, and new phenomena (such as the explosion of Podcasting as a medium). Being straddled between different places forces me to think about things in a comparative perspective. Being attentive to different points of view is my strength. At the same time, it makes me become less-focused on a particular issue that is tied to a specific location. Hence, this blog is also a place where seemingly not-so-connected questions are being discussed. At the end, maybe you (the reader) will find an apparent connection that somehow I overlook.

For more up-to-date information about my academic research, please visit my website: http://ngathan.com/

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